Already busy enough? We can arrange it all!

Fence removal
Asbestos removal

Whether its an old colorbond rust bucket, a tumbling-down timber relic or even a brick wall - we can remove it all!



Asbestos is nasty and we won't go near it! We can however arrange its removal for you with a Licensed Asbestos Removal company who will safely remove and dispose of Satan's fence!

Painting or Oiling
Dealing with your neighbours...

                                              (a painting of fencing...)

Painting is expensive and arduous, especially if done badly. We cannot pretend that this service is cheap, but like everything we do a greeat job!


Oiling your fence will prolong its natural colour and we recommend a light decking oil twice in the first year and then once a year thereafter.


We can certainly arrange to do it, but a quick trip down to your local hardware store for a pump-up spray bottle should do the trick and take no time at all.

It is said that "Good fences make good neighbours'. Or is that "Good Fencers"..?


Sadly, we often come across disagreement between neighbours over repair versus replacement. We cannot get involved in this dispute however, but it is important for you to know the laws surrounding the replacement of a boundary fence.


This link may be a good start:


We can however promise to be courteous and careful so as to make the installation as carefree as possible.


Also ensure that you are complying with your local council regulations. They vary from council to council.